Polymixin B - Supplement for MYP Agar Base (10.000IU)

Polymixin B - Supplement for MYP Agar Base (10.000IU)


  • Use: Additive reagent for culture media
  • Characteristics: MYP Agar Base Together with MYP AGAR (Mannitol Egg Yolk Polymyxin Agar)

Is used as a medium for the enumeration of Bacillus Cereus in food samples.

  • Principle: Polymyxins bind to the cell membrane and alter its structure, making it more permeable. The resulting water uptake leads to cell death.
  • Instructions: 
  1. How to open the vial: The vial has an arrow mark on the aluminum cap. Before opening the vial, disinfect the surface of the vial with 75% alcohol cotton. Under aseptic conditions, open the aluminum in the direction of the arrow on the aluminum cap. Cover, tear off the aluminum cap, and open the rubber stopper of the vial.
  1. How to use the reagent: Add 1mL of sterile saline to each tube to dissolve the reagent completely, and then add each tube to 100mL (028380) to make mannitol yolk polymyxin agar, or add to 100mL (024051) to make Into tryptone polymyxin B broth.
  • Storage: Keep between 2-8°C.
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