Featured products

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

  • 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes (Eppendorf)

  • Polymixin B - Supplement for MYP Agar Base (10.000IU)
    polymixin B supplement for agar base

  • Buffered Peptone Water (500g/Bottle)
    buffered peptone water

  • Plate Count Agar (500g/Bottle)
    plate count agar

  • Potato Dextrose Agar - PDA (500g/Bottle)
    potato dextrose agar

  • 200ul Filtered Pipette Tips Bagged
    5 pcs of 200 ul pipette tips

  • 20ul Filtered Pipette Tips Bagged
    5 pcs of 20 ul pipette tips

  • 10ul Filtered Pipette Tips Bagged
    5 pcs of  10ul pipette tips

  • 1000ul Filtered Pipette Tips Bagged

  • 200ul Filtered Pipette Tips with rack
    filtered tips and rack

  • 20ul Filtered Pipette Tips with rack
    20 ul single reack

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About us

At TAAG Life Sciences, we manufacture and distribute high quality laboratory
plastics, equipment, and accessories that scientists and engineers at every
stage, can rely on to take their work to the next level. We supply all types of
organizations, ranging from independent laboratories and health clinics, up to
national governments with their testing needs.

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    TAAG Life Sciences labware is compatible with most laboratory equipment. I was impressed with the versatility of the 96-well PCR Plates, the PCR Strips and Caps, and the Filter Tips.

    - RS, Laboratory Manager

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    TAAG Life Sciences offers lowest prices and top quality labware.

    - PN, Purchasing & Quality Assurance

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    Fast shipping and delivery!

    - GL, Lab Supervisor

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