Transport Tubes

Transport Tubes are used to transport and/or storage biological testing samples.They tend to have conical bottoms in order to facilitate complete sample removals, moulded-in graduations for better test result measurements, made with shatter-proof polypropylene, and available in sterile or non-sterile forms. They are often called mailing tubes, since they serve the purpose of short-medium air and land transport. Transport Tubes are used in a multitude of sectors, ranging from medical laboratories and hospitals, to food testing, biological research, independent testing, environmental testing, pharmaceutical packaging etc.

The storage part is usually done by way of freezing the samples. Transport Tubes have sealed and extended caps to prevent leaking when shipping and storing samples. The caps are designed to accommodate the swabs for transport, and can be easily removed manually. Their self-standing base allows the tubes to be used without racks or direct supervision. The round bottom tubes also make liquid retrieval easier. TAAG Life Sciences offers 10ml Self-Standing Transport Tubes that are designed multi-functionally, to store and transport biological materials in a safe manner. The tubes’ conical bottom ensures that the samples can be removed easily and completely, and the molded-in graduations guarantee a way to make accurate measurements. They come with a 1000 pieces per bag, and each tube is made of high-purity polypropylene with screw caps