PCR Strips and Caps

PCR strips with attached caps are used for fast PCR and low volume reactions, and can also improve light capture in fluorescence assays, as well as being fit to combine with some microplate readers. The 8 well strip design can be related or used with other PCR testing products, such as plates, plate seals, plastic accessories etc. They are also useful because they tend to be compatible with most thermal cyclers, have a high batch-to-batch reproducibility, allow for small PCR volumes, and their optically clear design makes them suitable for qPCR tests. The main industries where this product is employed are the pharmaceutical, food, and molecular biology industries.

TAAG Life Sciences offers 0.1ml 8-well PCR Tube Strips with attached caps, each box comes with 125 pieces. It is made of virgin polypropylene in order to guarantee the best thermoplastic quality and testing safety. It has thin and uniform well walls that ensure an efficient thermal transfer within the cycler blocks. The tubes and caps are pre-sterilized, as well as RNase, DNase, and DNA free. The high transparency level makes it suitable to observe real-time reactions. Finally, the tubes were designed so that they could fit in all commonly used thermal cyclers.

The performance and reproducibility of a PCR test is heavily dependent on the plastic materials that are used. Because of that, TAAG Life Sciences provides virgin polypropylene so that proteins cannot bind to the surface. At the same time, the strips have thin walls but are also extremely stable and robust. Also, to avoid the common error of sample evaporation, TLS’s PCR strips are heavily tested to handle stringent conditions.