Transfer Pipettes

Disposable Transfer Pipettes are generally made from low density polyethylene, and are meant to be simple and safe to use, with a long shelf life. The single piece design offers the advantage of transferring larger amounts of fluids within the bulb. It can also be used to transfer small amounts of fluids for microscopic samples, preparing mixtures, or staining solutions. Transfer Pipettes are cost-efficient, disposable, and meant for a one-time use. They are mostly used within research, testing, and educational lab environments. They can tolerate temperatures for fluids up to 70°C.

Transfer disposable pipettes are plastic pipettes used to transfer small amounts of liquid. They are made of long and slender tubes with molded bulbs which can be compressed to remove or absorb liquids. Transfer Pipettes can either come in graduated or smooth barrel form. In general, disposable Transfer Pipettes are not sterile. They are used by pressing and depressing the bulb when inserting the tip within the liquid that is to be absorbed or dispensed. It is important to check that liquid never remains inside the pipette.

It is important to ensure that the pipettes have had a top-quality manufacturing process, so that it doesn’t interfere with testing and experimental results. Transfer Pipettes can be used for a variety of purposes, from general applications to professional lab research, and there are significant differences in how they are made. There are differences in materials, residues, sample collection, dispensing, accuracy, and packaging that can determine how effective or ineffective this tool can be for testing.

TAAG Life Sciences offers 3ml Plastic Transfer Pipettes which are individually wrapped for guaranteed sterility. Their accurate graduations and high clarity material provide precise sample handling and validity in test results. Each unit comes with 250 individual blister packs per bag, and are pre-sterilized, as well RNase, DNase, and DNA free.